OKQ1: Walking

After spending most of my vacation enjoying myself I managed to get OKQ1 walking today. This is by no means final or optimized. It was really just a quick hack to try walking for the first time. You can see the program halt twice… not sure what exactly caused that yet. The ghetto controller you […]

OKQ1: Assembled, Programmed And Moving

I was able to spend some time over the weekend to travel to robotics Mecca (Trossen Robotics HQ). While visiting I made some significant progress on the assembly of OKQ1. I was even able to set all the MX-64T servo IDs and buadrates. Here is a short video the TR crew took of OKQ1’s first […]

OKQ1: Assembly

Parts for my quad, OKQ1, have started to show up in the mail and I have been busy assembling them. One leg assembled and sitting next to the AX-12 prototype chassis for comparison: All four legs assembled: 10x speed video of me assembling a single leg:

OKQ1: Target Tracking And Auto Targeting

I have been working on ideas for simple target tracking or auto targeting systems to use in Mech Warfare that do not require an on board computer running vision software. I believe that I have found a suitable solution and this week I have made some significant progress prototyping it. Below you can watch two […]

OKQ1: Four Leg Action

Continuing to make some great progress with the code over the week. I now have all four legs working in tandem with the gait algorithm. Next up is to start tackling a controller interface and a motion manager.

OKQ1: 4DOF MX Quad Mech

After my hiatus from competing in 2012 I have started a new mech to dominate in 2013! OKQ1 (Off-Kilter Quad One) will be an MX servo based quad with four degree of freedom legs. Between the end of MW 2012 and now I have been experimenting and perfecting new IK calculations, gait algorithms and control […]